10 GIFs To Rekindle Your Obsession With Jim Halpert

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The Office Season FourAre you one of those people who's still watching The Office but isn't really sure why? It's not a bad show necessarily, but it's not great, and maybe you can't figure out why you keep tuning in every week? Well I'm that person, too, and I think I have an answer for you — Jim Motherfucking Halpert. He's the reason, you guys. He's why we came here in the first place, and why we can't stay away now! He was our dream guy, remember? We got away from it a little bit lately, but for a long time John Krasinski was the baddest bitch in the game, and it's my job today to remind you exactly why. So here…we…go. 10 GIFs To Rekindle Your Obsession With Jim Halpert.

Battlestart Galactica The episode when he imitated Dwight was the episode during which all angels got their wings.Golden Face John Krasinski The Office Two things. One — GOLDFACE 4EVER. And also that look to the camera. THAT LOOK. I miss that look. That look was everything.Jim and Pam dancing on The OfficeLook at him dance! I only hope that I'm lucky enough to find someone even half as bouncy and bouyant with whom to dance at weddings! John Krasinski as Jim Halper Just…just please always be saying this somewhere, so I can pretend it's to me. Oh it's in GIF form, so problem solved! You always will be saying this, and I'll just keep it on a loop on my desktop. We cool? Cool.John Krasinski as Jim Halpert proposalYup. Post-proposal rain kiss. I'm not mad at it. John Krasinski as Jim Halpert winkWinkies! John Krasinski blooperThis is him during a blooper. I can't. John Krasinski with a baby The OfficeAnd this is him with a baby. I still can't.  Pranks Jim Halpert John KrasinskiRemember the pranks? Oh the pranks.

John Krasinski

How did we grow so far apart, JohnJim? Do you know? Because I don't.

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