John Goodman As One Of The ‘Three Wise Guys’ + 4 More SNL Sketches That Made Us Laugh This Week

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John Goodman SNL 12-14-13

As predicted, Paul Rudd set the bar pretty high for the rest of the December SNL hosts, but John Goodman was a welcome sight this week.  I didn't realize it's been about 12 years since he last hosted, since I regularly watch old clips of SNL that he's usually a part of – I chalk John Goodman right up there with Alec Baldwin and Steve Martin as hosts I always enjoy, probably because I grew up on this show in the '90s.  It's Dan Connor, for crying out loud!

I know I'm showing my age here, but I'm a little sad we didn't see John Goodman dressed up as Linda Tripp.  I would have rather seen that plus Molly Shannon making a guest appearance as Monica Lewinsky than Sylvester Stallone and Robert DeNiro, but beggars can't be choosers I guess.  Though an honorable mention goes out to the “Too Hot” sketch, because John Goodman in drag is always a good time.  I hope Jimmy Fallon and JT are prepared to live up to everyone's expectations next week, though.

1. Three Wise Guys

Because this will undoubtedly be the sketch most people are talking about today thanks to the sheer star-power of Sylvester Stallone, John Goodman, and Robert DeNiro talking about camel toes… I had to make this number one.  My favorite part is DeNiro basically just slouching there, doing nothing.  For whatever reason, it's funny.  Also John Goodman is just really convincing at camel-riding.

2. H&M

Hahaha.  This is how I feel anytime I enter an H&M (which is exactly zero times this year).  It's a very overwhelming store because of the abundance of weird sizes, pre-teens and their moms, and the “sales associates” who are jerks and dressed like total assholes.  I love Jay Pharoah in this.

3. Dance of the Snowflakes

Can Aidy Bryant please win some sort of “Best Facial Expressions Ever” award?  I love everything about this sketch, from Keenan's inner bonerlogue to the sparkly Toms everyone appears to be wearing.

4. Weekend Update: Drunk Uncles

It just occurred to me that there's a chance Drunk Uncle might be done-zo since Seth Meyers is leaving SNL early next year.  I don't know if they'll have the same characters interacting with Cecily Strong, or if they'll develop new ones when she takes over.  Either way, Christmastime Drunk Uncle is my favorite.

5. Guy Fieri Christmas Special

This Christmas Special features the exact type of celebrities you would expect Guy Fieri to have relationships with in real life.  I kept waiting for Nickelback to show up, but Kid Rock and Bud Light Lime gazpacho was a solid choice.  Bobby Moynahan as the entire cast of Pawn Stars…I can't.

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