John Cusack’s Edgar Allen Poe Thriller The Raven Actually Looks Pretty Cool

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John Cusack is totally your go-to guy to play Gothic author Edgar Allen Poe: He totally looks the part, and age has given him the appropriate brooding expression. But thankfully, we've just discovered that not only does he look good as Poe, but his movie The Raven should actually be a scary, fascinating murder mystery.

James McTeigue‘s new film resembles one of his famous movies, V for Vendetta, in terms of setting and the atmosphere of conspiracy. In the trailer, we find out that citizens are being murdered, with each of their gruesome deaths corresponding to a story by famed author Edgar Allen Poe.

A darker version of the TV show Castle, The Raven has Poe teaming up with the authorities to try and outsmart the killer—especially when he announces that he's going to start planting clues on corpses to taunt Poe. Plus there's the matter of Poe's ladylove, played by Alice Eve, getting kidnapped.

This movie could be cheesy — OK, it's just the trailer, so the movie itself still could come out bad — but our first impression is overwhelmingly positive. There's sort of a Saw/Se7en thing going on with the killer's cat-and-mouse game. Also, the official synopsis says it's “a fictionalized account of the last few days of Poe's life”… so maybe the stakes are higher than we were expecting?

The Raven comes to theaters March 9, 2012.