If Anyone Can Bring Back Community For Season 5, It’s Joel McHale

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espy red carpet 3 120712We're still up in the air about whether Communitywill be back for a fifth season after this fourth one that's premiering on February 7th, but you know what's not up in the air? Joel McHale being a badass.

Even though his fate should technically be in jeopardy, because he plays the show's star, Jeff Winger, Joel has absolutely nothing to worry about. I mean he still hosts The Soup, for one thing, which I imagine delivers a pretty hefty paycheck by now, but apparently he's a big enough mover and shaker within NBC that he can do pretty much ‘whatever he wants'. This is according to Bob Greenblatt, the NBC Entertainment chairman. Sooooo a pretty important guy:

“We've not started talking to Joel yet, but I definitely want to if Community doesn't go forward and even if it does. For the future, I think he's great. But we don't have any official plan yet. I could see him in anything, I think he can do what ever he wants.”

Was that a chairman of NBC talking about the star of one of its least-watched shows, or an unpopular girl talking about what's gonna happen with her relationship when her boyfriend goes to college next year. “Well, we're gonna try to stay together, but I mean I wish him the best either way, and he could totally do better than me but I hope he doesn't because I love him so much but either way we'll totes be friends in the future.” Isn't that cute that little Bobby Greenblatt wants to take Joel McHale to the prom?

Actually I kind of love this, because I love me some Joel McHale, and I'd be thrilled if Community came back for another season, as would be Bob Greenblatt who says he would “love nothing more”. So romantic.

Community is like the little scrappy football team that could, and Joel is its quirky mascot who NBC is treating like a quarterback. Pretty smart move if you ask me.

(Image: FayesVision / WENN.com)