Joe Simpson Arrested For DUI, Proving He’s Not So Pious After All

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Jessica Simpson‘s dad Joe Simpson has always creeped me out a little. With his professions of piety, control over his daughter's career, and obsession with her sex life (and boobs), he's always seemed like one of those people who uses religious fundamentalism to hide and/or justify the fact that he's actually kind of a goon. My case for this was strengthened last night when it came out that the famous dad-a-ger was arrested for a DUI in LA last week. Who's pious now, Papa Joe?

According to TMZ's law enforcement sources, he was just minding his own business, drunk driving around the Ventura Oaks neighborhood August 4 when cops pulled him over. During this routine(?) stop, “officers got the feeling he was intoxicated and ultimately cuffed the famous pop and took him to the pokey.” He was released the next morning.

We don't know yet if any criminal charges will be filed, but is it bad that I kind of, sort of, hope so? I love it when religious hypocrites get their comeuppance. I can't wait to hear his public apology wherein he tearfully asks forgiveness from his daughters and the Lord. And then he'll go off and commit more sins while hanging with Michael Lohan. I'm onto you, Papa Joe.

(Via TMZ)

Photo: WENN.com