Joe Manganiello Answered Our Prayers And Is Coming Back To How I Met Your Mother

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Thanks to a combination of the insane Magic Mike press and getting to hang out at San Diego Comic-Con last month, now everyone knows that Joe Manganiello is one funny guy. I recently wrote that I was sort of sorry to have not better appreciated his paying-his-dues roles on How I Met Your Mother and One Tree Hill, and that I was worried that era was lost. But now we've got some great news: Joe has agreed to reprise his HIMYM role next season!

We last saw his character Brad in season 5: Though he's Marshall's (Jason Segel) law school buddy, he and Robin (Cobie Smulders) went on an awkward hockey game date in the episode “Definitions.” This was when she had been secretly seeing Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) but they had been avoiding The Talk about what they actually were. Weirdly enough, I couldn't find any videos of Joe on the show, but this picspam about sums up the beefy, kinda dumb but very sweet Brad.

Joe Manganiello How I Met Your Mother season 8 Brad Robin hockey game

We know that this season will be all about getting Robin and Barney to the altar, and there are already plenty of obstacles in place: He's newly engaged to Quinn (Becki Newton), and her Secret Crush guy (Michael Trucco) from season 6 is coming back into her life. So it's likely that Brad won't be more than a distraction in Ms. Scherbatsky's love life. Even more likely is that he's not back in a romantic context, but because the HIMYM writers realized what a comedic gem they had in Joe Manganiello. Especially when co-creator Craig Thomas was recently quoted as saying, “There’s going to be a few more [returnees] from deeper into the past as we near the end of the series. Just funny people we always wanted to write for more and play with more.”

We fully support this! HIMYM season 8 premieres September 24th.

Photo: F Yeah Joe Manganiello