Whether The Joe Jonas Sex Tape Is Real Or Not, His Team Is Really Freaking Out Right Now

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Joe Jonas and girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler out to eat in California April 2012As you may have heard yesterday on this very site, there's a rumor going around that Joe Jonas and his girlfriend Blanda Eggenschwiler have made a sex tape, and that it's currently being shopped around, with a release date of April 3rd. The rumor originated with BlindGossip, who printed a post alleging:

“The video features explicit footage of Joe Jonas, 23, and his girlfriend, Blanda Eggenschwiler, 28, drinking, doing drugs, and engaging in sex using a number of sex toys and BDSM devices, including dildos, a gag ball, and a slapper paddle.”

They claim that the video was made earlier this month in a hotel in Buenos Aires, and supposedly filmed by a friend of the couple who was in the room with them at the time, a detail that made me skeptical of the tape's existence, as I mentioned in yesterday's post. I figured that if they were really interested in making a sex tape, they'd just set the camera up in the room and hop to it, y'know?

But a lot of things have happened since this original story broke that make me skeptical in the opposite direction, and now I don't know what to think. First of all, there's the response from his representative, Jenny Tversky of Derris & Company. I put up my post at 4:40pm yesterday, and by 6:06pm I already had an e-mail from Jenny contacting me to request that I pull the story, and to issue the following statement:

“There is no truth or validity to this story. It is completely false.”

There was no legal jargon associated with the message, and no talk of them bringing suit against BlindGossip or anything. Instead, all she said is that she would ‘appreciate' if we took the story down, as it was untrue. I'm just saying that's a lot of work to do if the story isn't true — to reach out personally to every website that printed it and politely ask them to take it down? There's no doubt that this statement is doing damage to the Jonas Brothers brand whether it is or isn't true, but the amount of detail in the Blind Gossip story and their willingness to publish it without fear of reprisal really makes me wonder. And then there are the responses from Joe and Blanda themselves. Joe tweeted:

Joe Jonas ball gag tweet sex tape denialThat's…an odd response, right? I'm not saying it means anything, but why bother to specifically point out one aspect of the rumor like that? Now I'm just envisioning you wearing a ball gag even more than I already was. And I also know that you read that whole post through in detail, like I did, instead of just dismissing it, which you might've done if it was completely fabricated. I'm not saying it proves anything either way, but it definitely makes you think. And Blanda's response is just as odd…

Blanda Eggenschwiler sex tape tweet denial…mostly because it corresponds with what BlindGossip said would happen. They said that Blanda is the one who sold the tape, and that she'd get a 35% cut of the revenues, but that ‘she will deny her involvement in the distribution of the tape, and will express embarrassment about its release in the hopes of avoiding a backlash from Jonas supporters'. Which is kind of what I'd expect her to do if it's fake, too, but again — interesting.

As of right now the only thing anybody can really do is wait around and see what happens. I figure if it's real, we'll probably never see it anyway because the Jonas family will buy it and Blanda and Joe will quietly break up. But if BlindGossip doesn't get sued, I think that'll be a pretty good indicator…

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