Why Joe Jonas’s Engagement To Sophie Turner Has Fans Shook

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She said yes.

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Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner are ENGAGED! Oh wait, you didn’t know they were even dating????? Yeah, it’s fine. Neither did I.

The couple announced their engagement on Instagram Sunday, with matching “She said yes” and “I said yes” posts accompanying a photo of their hands together — hers wearing a huge freaking diamond ring that is making everyone drool.

Fellow celebs have shown support for the couple, like Joe’s bro, Nick Jonas and ex-GF, Demi Lovato both commenting on the announcement post and taking to other platforms to show their love. People reported that a source close to the couple said “Everybody’s very, very happy for them and their family and friends are all thrilled. Everyone loves them together.”

But fans are having a different reaction to the former teenage heartthrob and young Game of Thrones star gearing up to tie the knot, for a number of reasons.

Reason #1: The engagement was out of the blue

First, the couple hasn’t been together that long. The DNCE frontman and the GoT star were first seen together in October 2016, when Jonas was still telling reporters he was dating but nothing was serious. When she posted a picture of him on Instagram smoking a cigar on January 1, 2017, fans finally figured out that they were getting pretty serious.

Then just this past September, when they adopted a tiny husky puppy together, it seemed like “adopts a dog together” is a pretty substantial relationship milestone and the two could chill for a while on another one. They were bound together by the responsibility of taking care of this pup, rather than holy matrimony — which many people thought would be enough for now. But just a month later, and suddenly the matrimony is on the horizon.

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Reason #2: Sophie Turner is so young

Once the initial shock wore off, fans started to think about what this meant and realized that there’s a six-year age difference between the two. Joe Jonas is 28, a pretty solid age for engagement — but Sophie Turner is just 21. In the grand scheme of things, the age difference isn’t that vast. Lots of couples are seven years apart. But 21 years old is young to be married in this day and age!

As a 22-year-old who can barely get her boyfriend to text her back 90% of the time, let alone commit to more than a few months in the future, marriage seems nuts. We’re all happy for Sophie Turner, but we can’t imagine being in her position:

Reason #3: We all wanted to be with Joe

Then fans realized that maybe their main problem was that they’re all a little pissed they’re not the ones who ended up with their celebrity crush from the mid-2000s. Most of us probably assumed that at some point, one of the Jonas Brothers would ask for our hand in marriage. Now only Nick J. is left on the table? This seems crazy.

Reason #4: …And we kind of wanted him to get with Demi

Some of the more selfless fans were more upset that their One True Pairing Joe and Demi didn’t work out, even after all these years. Joe has — let’s just say — made his way around Hollywood’s hottest young bachelorettes (i.e. AJ Michalka, Taylor Swift, Camilla Belle, Ashley Greene, Blanda Eggenschwiler and Gigi Hadid, to name a few) but the OG Camp Rock duo always had a special place in our hearts. Especially because Dems has always stayed close with Nick.

Then again, maybe now that Joe’s officially off-the-market, Nick will finally have his blessing to actually date Demi who we know (basically) wrote her song “Ruin the Friendship” about her crush on him.

Either way, we guess we’re happy for them… and as long as Joe somehow leaks some Game of Thrones season 8 spoilers, we’ll ship it.