Joe Jonas Has Gone Rogue — Tells Ryan Seacrest ‘Pom Poms’ Means Boobs

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Joe Jonas Has Gone Rogue   Tells Ryan Seacrest  Pom Poms  Means Boobs Joe Jonas attending MTV EMAs November 2012 stubble jpgSo I think we’ve officially lost Joe Jonas, everyone; he’s gone rogue. He put a human-shaped pillow under his covers this morning and sneaked out of his house to go on Ryan Seacrest’s radio show today and asserted that ‘pom poms’ — you know, the name of their new single and their entire album — is a term for boobs. Breasts, tits, mammary glands, jumblies, BOOBS.  You gotta know everyone in the Jonas camp is on their walkie-talkies being like, “Come in, Joe? Are you there, Joe? Goddamnit, Joe, we said no radio! No radio today! How did he even get out? We had eyes on that door!That creepy fireside video was bad enough, now he’s spilling his guts to Seacrest? Call in reinforcements, Papa Jonas is gonna be pissed!”

Joe and Ryan started out talking about the aforementioned video, which apparently Ryan found a lot less creepy than I did. Althouuuuugh just listening to the tape, hearing Ryan Seacrest say he laughed out loud several times I can’t help feeling that he’s laughing at Joe instead of with him. Which actually makes me respect Ryan…

One of the lyrics is “Put your pom-poms down for me”…what does that mean, if pom poms are boobs? Put your boobs down for me? I can’t do that, Joe Jonas, and even if I could, I think your team would be kind of mad that you asked me to.

(Image: Lia Toby / WENN.com)