Joe Jonas Proves He Is ‘Un-Punkable’

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Joe Jonas was on Punk’d last night, and the internet world is now abuzz with his un-punk-ability (definitely a word) after he figured out the prank in the first five minutes.

The prankstress was Heather Morris, who plays Brittany, the lovably dumb Cheerio on Glee, and she set up for Joe to be brought to a house, supposedly to meet up with some friends. On his way in, he passed a man who asked for help carrying a flat-screen television out of the house. Joe’s a nice kid, so he helped him out and helped the guy put the TV in his large white van, which was idling nearby. Once inside the house, Joe and his friend (who I don’t think was in on it) found the two homeowners tied up with those plastic ties, and most of their valuables missing.

In an ideal world, once Joe started getting questioned by the homeowners about his part in the crime, and once the police showed up and started making the same conclusion, the middle Jonas would’ve been freaking out thinking that he helped burglars rob the place. But instead, he couldn’t stop smiling, and when the officers asked him his name, he calmly said ‘Tom Cruise’, giving the rest of the team watching the exchange the first indication that he knew something was up. When the cop then asked for his e-mail address, Joe said he’d type it in himself, and typed in ‘Nice try homeboy’ on the man’s phone. Then the guy challenged him again, asking if he was getting smart with him, and insisted that Joe tell him exactly what happened. In Joe’s own words:

“Um, I came to this house to get Punk’d, and you guys did a pretty good job.”

Wah wahhhh. Prank ruined for prankers, made totally awesome for watchers and Jonas fans. Apparently Joe had just done a hidden-camera show, so he spotted the prank before he was even inside the house. Pretty awesome to watch it get turned around back on the pranksters every once in a while.

The actors never fully revealed that it was a prank, and Heather Morris covered by saying, “Who knew there was a smart Jonas”, but we can see that’s just sour grapes. Better luck next time, Punk’d. And it’ll have to be waaaayyy better now that you’ve already failed once, and Joe knows you’re gunning for him…