Everyone Remain Calm, The Joe Jonas And Darren Criss Relationship Photos Are Fake

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According to these new photos, Glee star Darren Criss and brother-wife Joe Jonas are so openly dating that they're totally cool just holding hands in public. Over the weekend, these scandalous-but-loving photos started spreading around the internet and all our hearts beat a little faster in anticipation of this supermusical romance.

Sure it was unexpected from two guys who have said over and over again that they're straight. But still, I already started saving up money for their inevitable Christmas duet album. It would be more magical than the voices of a million angels auditioning to be on The Voice. Or so I imagined reviews would say.

A Gleek and JoBro!? If only our inner tween dreams worked out so easily.

Photoshop-ologists checked out the photos in question and determined them to be complete fakes. In fact, they're not only fakes. The Nancy Drews at RumorFix tracked down the original photos in question and found out that Joe Jonas is originally holding hands with his girlfriend-of-the-moment Ashley Greene in one of the photos — and not Darren Criss.

Total bummer fest right? I want to go back to the days before Photoshop, the days of yore when we could trust everything we saw on the world wide web.

Where you could enter an AOL chatroom, say A/S/L and know there's a 56% chance the person on the other end is telling the truth.