Joe Jonas Takes The Celebrity Date Trend To A Creepy Place With A Video And Today Show Surprise

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Joe Jonas dance invite video April 2013

In the mood to watch a creepy video of Joe Jonas inviting a girl to his concert? Of course you are. Just like you're in the mood to see him dressed in a beard and prosthetic makeup to surprise the same girl on The Today Show this morning. Just go with it, okay?

We all know this “normal people ask celebrities to dances” trend has gotten really old and annoying. But somehow the celebrities keep responding in the affirmative, and it keeps happening. Well, this time it took a creepy turn. First, a little background. A girl named Shaina posted a video asking Joe Jonas to her college formal earlier this month. Because there's nothing The Today Show likes more than celebrity dance invites — except maybe awesome travel tips — Shaina ended up out on the plaza this morning with a sign and a dream. And Joe made that dream come true.

First we got to see Joe's heartfelt homemade video for Shaina, in which he dresses up like a race car driver reading up on sailing in front of a crackling fake fire… as you do. Then he tells her he's not able to go to the formal with her. So you think, okay, we can leave it at that and go back to our morning. But oh no. Joe isn't done. He has to insult his off-camera butler on his wine choice (because that's so sexy?), trim his eyebrows with craft scissors, and wear a blazer with no shirt. Guys, I think I hallucinated this. Please watch the video and explain this to me. I am highly uncomfortable

Joe of course invites Shaina to come to his concert, then spends the rest of the video needlessly lifting weights and listening to a half-naked man play saxophone. Just your run-of-the-mill dance invite RSVP.

But that wasn't all. The Today hosts had to cleverly mention that Shaina would be needing a date to the concert, and they pointed out a young man a few feet away holding his own sign. You can see him on the far right of this picture tweeted by someone with the show:

Joe Jonas Today Show Twitter April 2013

He goes over to Shaina, pretending to be some creepy guy desperate for a Jonas Brothers concert date. But Shaina recognizes him immediately. Is he her friend from high school? Is he her boyfriend? No, he's Joe Jonas in prosthetic makeup. And he wants to take her to the concert as his date. The Today hosts think they're playing matchmaker and suggest that he and Shaina would make a cute couple.

Aaand scene. I need some time to recover from this. Was this to distract from the sex tape scandal? Because it might be creepier than that.