Joe Jonas Was Seen With An Addiction Expert, Which I’m Gonna Take As Good News

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Joe Jonas performing in Toronto Canada September 2013Okay guys, I have good news and I have bad news and they're both about Joe Jonas. Which do you want first? Actually no, you don't get a vote; I'm in charge here. Bad news first, because that's the only correct answer. The bad news is that Joe might possibly have an addiction to something, if TMZ is correct. But the good news is, the only reason they're theorizing that is because Joe was spotted with an addiction specialist…so there's a good chance that he's taking the appropriate steps to get help.

There have been blind items about Joe not being totally okay for a while now, with a lot of rumors alleging that he's using drugs — specifically cocaine and heroin. I have no idea if any of that is true, but it would certainly go a ways toward explaining The Jonas Brothersrecent decision to cancel their tour due to a ‘deep rift within the band' two days before it was due to start. Can't get rifts much deeper than one band member who is like, “I would like to do drugs and make a sex tape please” and the other two being like, “Um no thank you, we're good for now and also we have to be onstage in five minutes.” But again, I have no idea if this addiction is a real thing Joe is struggling with or just a rumor that built up momentum.

If what TMZ is claiming is correct, however, this dude that Joe was seen with is pretty legit, and probably a really good influence regardless. According to them, his name is Mike Bayer, and he's the CEO and founder of Cast Recovery Services, an organization ‘well known for quickly responding to crisis situations'…and TMZ adds that these crisis situations are ‘typically of the substance abuse/mental health variety.'

In addition, he's also rumored to have worked with Demi Lovato in the past, which is great because if her recovery is any indication, I'd say there's almost no one better for Joe to be around. Nobody has impressed me more with their self-awareness, openness, and poise than that girl.

Sending good thoughts to Joe, no matter what's up. Hope it's nothing, but if it's something, I hope he gets the help he needs.

(Image: Dominic Chan / WENN.com)