Cheating On Your Wife Pays Off! Joe Giudice And Teresa Giudice In Talks For A Spin-Off

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Here's a valuable math lesson we can take home from Season 4 of The Real Housewives of New Jersey, the less sleeves your shirt has and the more disrespect you show your wife on the camera, the higher your chances are of landing your own reality show.

Yes, that's right. The 16 Giudice Family fans will be pleased to hear that Joe Giudice and Teresa Giudice are allegedly in talks to score their own Real Housewives spin-off. As always, Radar Online has all the details.

“All the drama and crazy things that Teresa and Joe have done is what makes them perfect candidates for their own breakout show,” a source close to the situation exclusively tells RadarOnline.com.

I'm picturing a Teresa Giudice cooking show filmed by baby Audriana. Gia will serve as her sous-chef, Gabriella will be the taste-tester and Milania will be Teresa's foil. The one who always comes into the kitchen and “accidentally” knocks the pot off the stove, while simultaneously dumping all the food on the floor. I picture her as the Kim G (Not that wretched Kim D) of this spin-off. All “innocent” smiles and backhanded compliments that make no sense.

Considering that Joe Giudice may be spending some time in jail, he can have the occasional cameo where he walks on set, grunts, remembers that he has no idea what to do with his kids and then calls his mistress from a producer's cell phone right in earshot of the camera.

Naturally, it will be a hit.

(Photo: Bravo)