Teresa Giudice Says Joe Giudice Didn’t Cheat On Her Because He Can’t Remember Cheating On Her

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Sometimes you just have to worry about Teresa Giudice. She's so in denial about Joe Giudice cheating on her that it actually scares me. While we look at Joe Giudice in absolute horror, she looks at him with affection and love. Some women want a husband who can legally drive himself to his legal job. Other women fall for the guy with a DUI who can't be bothered to wear a shirt.

That's just a little lesson in love that I learned from Real Housewives of New Jersey.

In her latest blog entry for Bravo, she writes that Joe Giudice totally didn't cheat on her because that wasn't his mistress on the phone. In fact he doesn't even know who was on the phone that day. Which I guess means he's so used to telling people on the phone that his wife's a cunt bitch, that hearing himself say that during the episode gave him no clues.

For the record, I have no idea who Joe was talking to and neither does he. It was a year ago and it wasn't just one person, it was a whole bunch of phone calls strung together. He can't remember who he was specifically talking to (and there was no “hi baby” like the media reported, was there?), but he thinks it was probably his driver, who's a childhood friend of his.

While I won't delve too far into the fact that “it was a whole bunch of phone calls strung together,” I do have to say that's a blatant lie. It's not like Joe Giudice spoke in halting sentences for 10 minutes while the camera panned around the vineyard. We heard approximately 30 seconds of a call while the camera focused on Joe. And regardless, he called her a cunt and a bitch.

Obviously she doesn't address that, but she should. It's a terribly offensive thing to say about your wife, especially while you're on camera.

But I guess the man who allegedly traded bodies with an ape during a Freaky-Friday-esque incident wouldn't understand that. Not when he's too busy sneaking off to call “his driver” and insult his wife on national TV. Well, probably his driver. Who can really remember when it's your mistress or the woman you're seeing on the side or your driver. It's confusing for all of us.