Joe Giudice Is So Lazy That He Cheated On Teresa Giudice With The Babysitter

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In news that's sure to make Teresa Giudice and Jacqueline Laurita defriend each other on Facebook,  the former friends started accusing each other of knowing that both their husbands cheated on them.

New details emerging from part two of the ninety-seven part Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion reveal that accusations and allegations go flying.

Teresa quickly throws the first punch. She says to Jacqueline in regards to her husband Chris: ‘Didn't he cheat on you a long time ago? That's what you told me.’ Jacqueline denies the allegation but Teresa’s next comment causes her to get down to some serious mudslinging.

Her co-star says: ‘Fine, then he didn't cheat on you. That's why you told me you didn't trust him. That's why he's not allowed to go out.’

In reference to an episode which saw Joe call Teresa a series of four letter words, Jacqueline lashes out: ‘Now that we're being honest, he calls her those names all the time and she calls him names and then they punch each other.’ Teresa attempts to shrug off the accusations and replies: ‘Yeah, I punch him like if we're playing around.’  But Jacqueline hits back: ‘No honey, no, you guys get into some pretty bad…I've heard every name in the book.

‘And now that you're going there, you told me your husband cheated on you several times. You caught him with his secretary, the babysitter…and you asked me what you should do because my ex-husband had cheated on me.’

The only thing more offensive than your husband cheating on you with another woman is your husband cheating on you with your babysitter. Because to cheat with the babysitter means he initially started hitting on her under the same roof he shares with his wife. And it also mean it's likely that they slept together under the same roof he shares with his wife.

We can easily jump to those conclusions because it's not like Joe Giudice can (legally) drive anywhere, you know, with his DUI and all.

How Joe Giudice allegedly seduced a babysitter, we'll never know. I can almost guarantee this his flirting technique involves throwing spaghetti at the walls while grunting obscenities and insulting his wife while she's in hearing distance. Two things that are sure to make any lady swoon.

While I'm inclined to believe everything Jacqueline Laurita says because Joe Giudice is stuck at some weird stage of human evolution, I have a hard time believing that he slept with a secretary. Mostly because that would involve him having a job that involved a secretary. And that seems pretty far fetched from what we know about Joe Giudice.

But I guess we'll learn all the juicy details when we watch all 4000 parts of this reunion.

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