In Honor Of Joe Giudice Cheating On Teresa Giudice, Here’s The Best of The Real Housewives Cheating Scandals

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So if we all saw the last few seconds of last week's The Real Housewives of New Jersey, we saw Joe Giudice take a phone call (claiming it was work-related) and leaving the dinner table where his wife, Teresa Giudice, and the rest of the cast chowed down on vay-cay food. When Teresa goes off to find her man, he mumbles something about his “bitch wife” coming up to him.

Um what? Joe Giudice cheating on Teresa Giudice?! We got a mistress on the other line! We'll obviously get deeper into this situation when the episode airs, but this got me thinking about all the other cheating scandals that have had their hay-day during all the years that The Real Housewives has been on Bravo. I tried to find some of my favorite Housewives and some of my favorite moments (Dinner from Hell, anyone?) Check out the gallery below!

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