I Guess Stephanie Tanner Thinks We Forgot About The Time She Drove Joey’s Car Into The House…The Full House

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Color me appalled with the news that Jodie Sweetin thinks she has a right to sue someone who totaled her car back in 2011. Because if I recall, she once drove someone else's car into her house and barely got in trouble. Yeah, Danny Tanner fatherly speeches were painful to listen to, but that's pretty light punishment for a child who DROVE A CAR INTO A HOUSE. And today, she's all like, “what's karma?” as news comes out about her new lawsuit.

This morning, the fine muckrakers at TMZ report that Jodie Sweetin is suing the man who hit her back in 2011. Well pin a rose on your nose Stephy. And while you're at, apologize to Kimmy Gibbler for being weirdly mean to her. It's truly amazing how abusive that entire family was to a young girl — who for years appeared to be DJ's only friend.

In the lawsuit, filed today, the ex Stephanie Tanner claims the accident happened in LA in March, 2011 — and that she suffered damage to her vehicle, loss of wages, and loss of “earning capacity.” TMZ obtained a copy of the suit Jodie filed against Clark Taylor Stavros … and in it she also claims to have racked up medical bills. All told … Jodie claims the accident set her back $25k. At the time of the wreck … Jodie tweeted — “Had a car accident, I'm Ok. A wrist fracture and neck and body are really sore.”

Really, $25,000. I wonder how much Danny had to pay to fix his broken house. I would also ask how much Joey had to pay to fix his car, but that would be a stupid question. We all know Joey operated on a below-poverty level. Why else would a grown man live in someone else's basement and babysit someone else's  kids for free. For years. I bet that was actually the last car he owned. He spent any money that could have gone toward fixing it on a woodchuck puppet.

So Jodie, Stephanie, maybe you should re-evaulate some of your past choices before you get up on your high horse and start suing people. Oh, also I know what happened to Mr. Bear.

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