Joan Rivers Starts A Twitter Feud With Rihanna And She’s Actually Winning

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Oh damn, it's about to go down, because there's a new Twitter feud in the building and it's about to get heated. In one corner, we have Rihanna, famous for her erratic behavior and aggressive Twitter personality. In the other corner we have…Joan Rivers? I mean, okay, I can see that. She's always been a snarkier comedian, and she's never held much back on Fashion Police, but we have to admit, it's still an odd pairing. So who started it? Any guesses?

If you guessed Rihanna, shut up and get the hell out of here, because you're so wrong. Seriously, leave. But if you guessed Joan Rivers, you're such a smart, special person, and you can stay as long as you want and read all my blogs until you think I'm funny. What an excellent reward. But yes! ‘Twas Joan chopped down the Twitter tree. After seeing Rihanna's Oprah special, Joan posted the following on her Twitter:

Not in the best taste, but whatever, I get where she's going with it. Obviously she's not actually going to slap Rihanna around like Chris Brown did, but like most of us, Joan is frustrated with Rihanna for still pining after a lady-smacker. (Also the name of Bonne Bell's new line of chapstick.) But you know who didn't like the joke? Rihanna! She's since deleted her first response from her Twitter, but it said:

Good one, Rihanna. I'm glad you're using your youthful brains to dredge up really intelligent comebacks. But soon she replaced that response with another literary gem:

And then finally followed up her Master Class in ‘Attempting To Twitter-Shame Your Elders' with:

…which is probably the comeback she should've started with. Because in case you weren't keeping track, it took Rihanna exactly three tries to come up with anything remotely resembling a return serve to Joan's original tweet. How. Embarrassing. And by the way, Joan wrapped all of this up with a heartfelt, sincere message to Rihanna and an invitation to be a guest on her show.

Class and sass all in one plasticked-up broad? Advantage Rivers.

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