My Favorite Joan Rivers Moments In Honor Of Her Birthday

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I don't care how old you are, how young you are, or how out of touch with catty octogenarians you are, Joan Rivers is a legend in her own right.  She's insane and at times hard to look at because you're not sure what parts of her are real and what parts of her are made of toxic waste, but you know what? She owns it.

Without her helping to pave the way, modern female comedians wouldn't be who they are today and that's a fact.  So in honor of Ms. Rivers and every single one of her 80 years, here are my favorite Joan moments.

Muppets Take Manhattan
My first glimpse of Joan will forever be embedded in my memory, and not just because it includes Miss Piggy.

Classic Joan Rivers Stand-Up
You've just got to respect a woman who was willing to talk about this stuff in the 60's.  Joan Holloway of  Mad Men can even take a cue from THIS Joan.

Fashion Police Makes Me Cringe And I Love It
Sure, she goes totally overboard and gets more than a little insulting.  But I grew up watching her red carpet interviews, so sorry I'm not sorry that I love it.

A Piece of Work Documentary
I loved this documentary.  She's not afraid to get real, and show her fears.  She's incredibly insecure (as all comedians usually are) and far more relatable in real life than she comes across in her acts.

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