Joan Rivers Gets Stoned, Calls Her Daughter And Laughs A Lot

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As someone who's never seen Joan & Melissa, I'm not really sure of the premise. I get that it's supposed to be a reality show, but like with most “reality” shows, there's more scripted entertainment than reality going on in it.

On last night's episode, in an attempt to deal with the parents of Melissa's boyfriend, Joan decides she needs to get good and stoned. Although it's probably easier just to reach for the bottle, sometimes it's a good idea to mix up your personal coping aids.

Joan manages to get a prescription for medical marijuana to deal with all the anxiety of having Melissa's boyfriend's parents in town, then goes out and buys a pipe with a pig on it. The strain of pot she got her hands was called “Louis XIII,” which I've never heard of, but it sounds like it might be good.

Like any other stoner, Joan and her buddy pull off to the side of the road to smoke their weed, but unlike any other stoner, they use matches instead of a lighter. We all know trying to smoke pot with matches is just annoying. After the pot kicks in, she calls Melissa, eventually decides to go swimming with her clothes on and basically does all the things you hope that a nice strong strain of weed would do to you.

I rarely find Joan Rivers funny, but this is somewhat hysterical.