Thanks To These Jimmy Kimmel ‘Twerk Fail’ Outtakes, I Don’t Know What’s Real Anymore

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Jimmy Kimmel twerk fail outtakes 2013

If you were feeling complete and utter betrayal yesterday morning, it was probably because you learned that the twerk fail video that had been making the rounds last week was in fact an elaborate prank by perpetual prankster Jimmy Kimmel in his ongoing quest to be the non-annoying Ashton Kutcher. I had flip-flopped back and forth on whether or not I believed the video was staged, but never in a million years did I think Jimmy Kimmel was behind it. But thanks to this revelation, coupled with the outtakes video below, I'm just going to assume Jimmy Kimmel is behind everything. David After Dentist? That was probably just Jimmy disguised as a kid. Every flash mob ever? Yeah, I bet those are all Jimmy Kimmel productions.

Thanks to these behind-the-scenes outtakes, I now know that multiple takes and careful planning went into the execution of this video, which is the exact opposite of what you're supposed to assume about Internet phenomena like this. It was hard enough seeing Jimmy Kimmel appear in something I thought Jimmy Kimmel had zero involvement in. Now I have to see a guy with a clapboard and watch the camera pan over to show a crew and a set back there? What you trying to do to me, Jimmy? Do you want me to view the world like I'm in a dystopian sci-fi novel where nothing is real and everything is part of some evil genius' plan? I always assumed Kris Jenner was behind everything that happened in the world of entertainment, but now I just assume Kris Jenner is a literal puppet being controlled by Jimmy Kimmel hiding behind a curtain like The Wizard of Oz, and the final episode of Keeping Up With the Kardashians will feature a Hills-style reveal of who's really behind it. All in the name of a good prank.

If you want your whole world to come shattering down on you and life as you know it to seem like one big lie, please feel free to watch the video below. And then let's just start hoarding for the apocalypse.