Jimmy Kimmel Takes ‘The Cutest Selfie Ever,’ Which Of Course Includes One Direction And Kittens

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Jimmy Kimmel Takes  The Cutest Selfie Ever  Which Of Course Includes One Direction And Kittens Jimmy Kimmel One Direction cutest selfie ever November 2014 jpg

I may not always approve of Jimmy Kimmel’s many pranks, but he did something on his show last night that I can totally get behind. Just when you thought Ellen DeGeneres had taken the greatest selfie of all time at the Oscars this year, Jimmy decides to take a pretty epic one himself. Epically adorable, that is. He set out to take the #CutestSelfieEver (hashtag absolutely necessary), and obviously he had to recruit One Direction to be a part of it.

Jimmy starts the selfie off with a colorful ice-cream-themed background. Of course Niall, adorable golden retriever puppy that he is, immediately declares, “This is going to be cute!” Harry Styles, on the other hand, comments that it looks like something from a “weird porno.” Oh Harry, you’re so silly. The other guys in the group don’t really look like they fully understand what’s going on, but they go along with it, because it takes approximately zero effort for them to be cute, so they might as well just stand there. Once they’re situated, Niall says “It’s like Willy Wonka!” because Niall is the best one and I won’t accept any arguments, okay?

Instead of hiring Bradley Cooper’s arm to take the photo, Jimmy has his phone attached to a rod so he can hold it far enough away to get everybody in the frame. And by “everybody” I mean all the extra people and animals he asks to join them. As you can see above, that includes two kittens in a teacup, a baby dressed as a cherry, two little girls in tutus, a mini unicorn, the cutest dog in the world, and a tiny Harry Styles lookalike. Damnit, Jimmy Kimmel, it’s too early for this. My ovaries have barely woken up and already you’re bombarding them with this cuteness? I think I’m going to consider this a prank.

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