The 25 Best “Mean Tweets” on Jimmy Kimmel… So Far!

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Every late night talk show has that one segment that sits high above the rest. Newcomer James Corden has “Carpool Karaoke.” Jimmy Fallon has “Lip Sync Battles.” Then there's the other Jimmy and his “Mean Tweets.” Whenever Jimmy Kimmel gets famous faces to read mean tweets about themselves, it's viral within a day. With good reason. Those things are absolutely amazing and hilarious. Now let's take a look at the best from the “Mean Tweets” segment that has come out so far.

1. Selena Gomez


Is her music really that bad? Okay, sometimes she seems like she's just whispering instead of singing but we would never diss Selena Gomez like that! Mostly because she's such a sweetheart. We would never want to break her spirits.