Leave It To Jimmy Kimmel To Get Kids To Quote Their Moms’ Favorite Curse Words

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Jimmy Kimmel Worst Thing Your Mom Has Ever Said 2013

For so long I assumed it was just Kris Jenner and Ryan Seacrest participating in the competition to take over the world. They have common goals — to make every show on television star the Kardashians — but nevertheless I felt that only one of them would win. Therefore, I had fully resigned myself to one day replacing every C with a K. But recently I've started to suspect that we might have a dark horse candidate in Jimmy Kimmel, who's shown himself to be a masterful manipulator without showing any effort at all. Take his twerk fail prank, for example, which singlehandedly caused me to question everything I've ever known or ever will know. Or his Lie Witness News segments, in which he gets unsuspecting citizens to agree with whatever he throws at them in order to look more in-the-know. And he does this indirectly, sending correspondents out while he sits back and enjoys it from the studio like the man behind the curtain.

Now we have this video of kids on Hollywood Boulevard (the most fertile ground for people saying silly things, understandably) repeating the worst things they've ever heard their moms say. Naturally, a few curse words ensue. I don't know about you, but I find kids' curse words being bleeped absolutely hilarious. I don't feel the same way about actually hearing the kids use the words. In that case, I likely won't sleep for weeks. But bleeping is absolutely delightful. One of my favorite things is when a sitcom character suddenly curses and the show bleeps them. Buster Bluth, anyone?

And the best thing is that Jimmy Kimmel, laughing from his iron throne in the studio, is able to get these kids to repeat their moms' worst swear words with their parents standing right there behind the camera. Or so I'd imagine. I'd hope there aren't a bunch of small children wandering Hollywood Boulevard all by their lonesome. And not only that, but the parents don't run in and try to stop them. They're like, “Oh, this is for Jimmy Kimmel? Carry on.” I'm also highly amused that so many moms have a sailor's vocabulary.