Jimmy Kimmel And John Krasinski’s XMAS Prank War Is So Ridic That It Would Make The Grinch Smile

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John Krasinski reaction to Jimmy Kimmel prank

Here's a fun fact that I just learned this morning. Jimmy Kimmel and John Krasinski have a Christmas-themed prank war that's been going on forever. Or a few years. I'm a blogger, not a calendarologist. So please, don't quote me on the start date. However you can quote me on the fact that this year's prank is amazing. Even if it's a thinly veiled advertisement for HP. From what I can gather, the pranks have started to escalate every year — and this year Jimmy Kimmel took it to a whole new level by turning John (and Emily Blunt's!) house into a Christmas wonderland complete with carolers.

You can only imagine John Krasinski's reaction when he pulled up to his house and saw that Christmas had thrown up all over. You can't imagine? Okay, picture Jim Halpert looking confused. Got that image in your head? Okay that's what John Krasinski looked like. If you thought this would be the video that would help you separate out Jim and John in your head, it isn't. In fact, watching this will only make you imagine what Pam's reaction will be.

If we can get honest for a sec,  and I sure hope we can, I'll confess to you that the only thing I enjoy more than celebrienemies is celebrifriends. There's just something so heartwarming about seeing celebrities hanging out with each other outside of work events. I guess because it reminds me that they do continue to exist, even after the cameras stop rolling. In fact, sources tell us that they do all kinds of things when the cameras aren't around — like lead normal lives full of eating meals, watching TV and allegedly going to the bathroom. But that's all rumor right now. The only thing we can say for sure is that being neighbors with Jimmy Kimmel and John Krasinkski should be on your bucket list — right in between being a guest host on The View and getting to try on all of Cee Lo Green's clothes.