Jimmy Kimmel And The Clintons Compete With Ellen’s Oscar Selfie, But Fall Short One Liza Minelli

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Jimmy Kimmel Clinton Selfie 3-22-14

I'm not sure why Jimmy Kimmel was moderating a conference discussion with the Clinton family, but I do know that you can't expect Jimmy Kimmel to be completely serious when you ask him to moderate a serious political discussion.  While he left his twerk-friendly yoga pants and fake Sochi wolf at home, he did make light of Hillary Clinton‘s potential presidential campaign by snapping a Clinton family selfie.  It's no Oscar selfie, but it's still pretty awesome:

If he was expecting it to break Twitter, well, he has another thing coming.  While the Clintons are a lovely family, who are those nobodies in the background?  I'll tell you who they are: not Lupita Nyong'o‘s little brother, that's who.  You know what else is missing?  No, not Brangelina.  Liza Minelli!  I know what you're thinking, “But Liza wasn't even in Ellen's Oscar selfie…what is this madwoman talking about?”

I beg to differ, my pretties.

Liza Minelli Oscar Selfie 2014


So while we can't really know for sure if Liza Minelli's hand was trying desperately to infiltrate the Clinton/Kimmel photo, I'm going to assume it wasn't.  Which, if you ask me, is exactly why Ellen's selfie broke the internet and Jimm Kimmel's hasn't even earned 7,000 RTs yet.

If Hillary does run in 2016, I'm totally on board… under one condition: Bill must throw up a half-hearted gang sign in every photo op.

(Photo: Twitter)