Jimmy Kimmel Asks Kids To Ruin Father’s Day, Obviously Hilarity Ensues

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Jimmy Kimmel Father's Day Prank

I bet you've spent your life patting yourself on the back for being a good kid who treated her parents nicely. But both Jimmy Kimmel and I are here to say shame on you because what the world really wants is for you to hilariously ruin holidays, like Father's Day. That's right, we've moved on from pranking strangers at Coachella to straight up pranking our family members and I really couldn't be happier about this. This time around, J. Kimmz asked the children of America to either make a really strange breakfast for or to dump a tasty breakfast on their dads. And they did it! Forget Father's Day, I'm just over here celebrating quality comedy. And, believe me, nothing says “quality comedy” like seeing your dad covered in orange juice and Lucky Charms.

My favorite thing about this prank is that the moms are totally in on it and encourage the kids to go through with it. I imagine them behind their iPhone cameras making evil little faces and silently snickering at the idea of seeing their husbands with egg on their faces. (I take every opportunity to use an idiom in a literal way, which is why I now have a bunch of empty bags and have to apologize to my neighbors for creating a stray cat problem.) Like, doesn't it make you wonder how the members of the Mischievous Mom Brigade would enjoy being on the other side of one of Jimmy's mastermind pranks next Mother's Day? I can see it now, a dozen moms waking up with bedhead and frantically removing their eye masks because Jimmy Kimmel told their families to make a special facial-cream crepe for Mom. Actually, excuse me for a moment, I've got a television office to call with that brilliant idea.

But before I start imagining myself getting an on-air honorable mention from Jimmy Kimmel next year for my prank idea, take a look at the video and try to forget the fact that all of these children were probably grounded immediately afterward.