Tracy Morgan Isn’t Dead, But Jimmy Kimmel’s Pranking Spree Might Be

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Well, I just accidentally took the train to Disappointment City. (It's located right in between the Dakotas.) After hearing Jimmy Kimmel hype up his big Emmys prank for a week, I certainly expected something more than Tracy Morgan “passing out” on the stage.

For anyone who went to the bathroom and missed the big prank, let me fill you in. Jimmy Kimmel called Tracy Morgan up on stage, told him to lay down and then instructed everyone at home to tweet “OMG Tracy Morgan passed out on stage, turn on ABC now!” Then hypothetically, people would see these tweets, turn on ABC, see Tracy passed out on stage and assume he was drunk/exhausted/dehydrated/dead.

That's not so much of a prank as a cover-up for an actual event that could very well happen. Would anyone at home really be all that surprised if they heard Tracy Morgan passed out on the Emmys stage? It would be a fun diversion, but nothing out of the ordinary for Tracy Morgan. You know, the man who takes his shirts off while doing interviews on daytime TV.

After months of pranking America, it looks like Jimmy Kimmel's running out of ideas. I mean, he's already gone from making kids cry to making adults think Tracy Morgan's dead.

Maybe it's time for him to take a break, recharge those creative juices and quit with the pranks for a bit.  Or at least leave them to the professionals, like Amy Poehler and Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Until then, rest assured America, Tracy Morgan is alive.