Jimmy Kimmel Makes Up Fake Bands And Coachella Attendees Totally Pretend Like They Know Them

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Jimmy Kimmel Coachella Fake Bands

In case you somehow missed Coachella 2013, don't worry, Vanessa Hudgens had a great time! Also, so did everyone else. And that includes Jimmy Kimmel who played one of the best pranks ever on the attendees this year by making up a list of fake bands and then proceeding to interview random people about them. Unsurprisingly a lot of the people interviewed totally pretended to know the bands mentioned — you know, bands with names  like “The Obesity Epidemic” and “Get the Fuck Out of my Pool.” Totally legit band names!

Not only did these people claim to know these bands, but they went along with whatever was said about them. Such as the band that's a cross between Bob Dylan and polka music or the other band that was just so raw. In short, it's amazing. In long, it sums up why I love/hate musical festivals so much.  The majority of the people who go to them these days don't know anything about music. Sure they listen to music, but in general they could care less about any of the bands playing. As long as they have a hot place to wear their high-waisted shorts and their sheer crop tops, they're totally cool with whatever's blasting in the background.

Am I saying that out of jealousy because I can't wear crop tops and because I can't stay in the sun for longer than 6 minutes without burning? Yes, yes I am. But stilllll, I have a point that Jimmy so wonderfully proved in the video below.  Enjoy!