Jimmy Fallon’s ‘Jersey Floor’ Episode One

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Jimmy Fallon has done it again. First, we posted pitch-perfect parody, Real Housewives of Late Night. Yesterday, Lilit posted his hilarious “commercial” for Charlie Sheen cologne. Check out what Jimmy Fallon has just unveiled his dead-on parody of Jersey Shore on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon. Here are some of my favorite quotes from the skit. And watch episode one below:

  • “The Jersey Floor is all about the lifestyle. Bros, brews, tats, tans, fist pumps, dry humps, it's like friggin' paradise. I feel like I'm home here, I can be myself, I can dress the way I wanna I wanna dress, you know, dance, I get with my bros, I do shots, I tan, and I drink. STDs… that's what we call it.”
  • “I love tannin' cuz it accentuates my appendectomy scar. Meh.”
  • “Sweatshirt time is when we all put on hooded sweatshirts and sit around for five minutes wearing sweatshirts before we leave for the club. Sweatshirt time!!”