Jimmy Fallon Starts The Tonight Show Off Right With ‘Evolution Of Hip-Hop Dancing’ (Feat. Will Smith)

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Jimmy Fallon Will Smith Evolution of Hip Hop Dancing

Last night Jimmy Fallon brought The Tonight Show back to New York, and he was his usual fun-loving, kind-hearted self. It looks like he'll be just as joyous and lovely at 11:30 as he was at 12:30 (except last night's show premiered at 12 because ugh, Olympics). How do I know he'll be just as great? Because his first show included “The Evolution of Hip-Hop Dancing,” starring Will Smith and one-sided overalls.

I'm gonna be honest with you here, because we're friends. (Don't argue with it, you'll make it awkward.) When I heard Will Smith would be the first guest on Jimmy's new show, I was disappointed, to say the least. He's not the type of guy I get excited to watch on a late-night show, mostly because he thinks things like making out with his own son are entertaining. But this is Jimmy Fallon we're dealing with. He can make anyone fun to watch, or at least tolerable. That includes Will Smith, apparently, because I thoroughly enjoyed this segment. It was a great reminder that Jimmy's not abandoning his sillier bits just because he's on at a more iconic time of night.

I've somehow managed to never watch Fresh Prince of Bel-Air (please don't take away my '90s card), but I still got excited to see Will walk out in that outfit and do “The Carlton.” I also want to know whatever Scientology magic he's been using to keep himself young, because he hasn't aged. Benjamin Button theories aside, let's give these guys a round of applause for pulling off the very complicated “I'm About To Break Dance” and the impossible-by-definition “Leg Thing No One Can Do.” I think we all know who wouldn't do something like this. Just a certain guy with a very famous chin who hosted this show before.

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