Watching Jimmy Fallon And Cameron Diaz Do The ‘Three-Legged Pants Dance’ Will Make You LOL

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JImmy Fallon Cameron Diaz Three Leg Dance 2-28-14

In a day and age where typing out “LOL” rarely, if ever, means one is literally “laughing out loud,” you will be glad to know that the title of this post is not misleading in any way.  Because you will not be able to smother or contain your giggles while watching Jimmy Fallon and Cameron Diaz attempting something new called “The Three-Legged Pants Dance.”  And it's exactly how it sounds, except even sillier and more fun.

Obviously The Tonight Show isn't straying from the successful formula that made Late Night so popular, and I'm glad.  That being said, they know they have to branch out and try new material and skits to see what works and what doesn't.  While I think sharing a giant pair of pants and an equally giant Adidas shoe with celebrity guests sounds like a funny idea in theory, the fact that it ended up being a total disaster is what made it so funny.  You can tell by their hilarious, slightly panicked expressions that they had no idea if what they were doing was working, but they sure were having a great time doing it.  Literally LOL-ing all over the place.

If I were a cooler person, I would probably describe Cameron Diaz as the type of gal who's “down for whatever,” a real “ride-or-die” chick.  You know?  But since I'm not that cool, I'll just say she was probably the perfect person to try out this particular bit with.  Doesn't this video make you just want to grab a pitcher of shitty beer and go bowling with her?  I would love to see her lip-sync Tina Turner the next time she's on The Tonight Show.  Anyhoo…if you don't crack so much as a smile while watching this, you are a mirthless curmudgeon.