Jimmy Fallon Prepares To Pass The Torch To Seth Meyers By Making Him Crack Eggs On His Head

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Last night the old and new generations crossed paths before the old generation passed the torch to the new generation. I'm of course talking about Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers. Okay, so maybe Jimmy isn't technically the old generation. Actually Seth is a year older than him. But it sounded dramatic to talk about it like that. As you probably remember, Seth has been chosen to replace Jimmy on Late Night when Jimmy goes on to pry the Tonight Show hosting gig out of Jay Leno's evil clutches. Seth stopped by as a guest last night, and as always Jimmy had a clever and entertaining game to play that also kind of serves as hazing. You know what they say. It's not official until someone cracks an egg over their head. Nobody says that, but I bet they will now.

To be more specific, Jimmy and Seth played a game called Egg Russian Roulette. It's just like Russian Roulette, except without guns and death and such. This involves cracking an egg over your head that might be hard-boiled but might not. Dun dun duuunnn. The first player to crack two raw eggs is the loser. What ensues is a lot of adorable laughter, some “hard-boiled” puns, and the promise of a couple of trips to the dry cleaners where Jimmy and Seth have to explain why they need the raw egg removed from their suits.

In short, to borrow a pun from Jenni, who was so kind as to allow me to use it, this video is eggcellent. It's also eggstraordinary. That one I came up with all by myself. Will Seth's Late Night hosting be eggcellent as well, or at least just excellent? Time will tell, but keep in mind that a lot of people weren't so eggcited about Jimmy's hosting position until he proved everybody wrong and turned out to be one of the most creative, funny, joyful hosts you could hope for. Now eggscuse me while I watch them play this game again.


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