Jimmy Fallon & His Celeb Friends Turn 2013’s Hottest Songs Into Impressive Holiday Hits

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carrie underwood jimmy fallon wrecking ball cat

Last night on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, Jimmy paired up with Rashida Jones and Carrie Underwood for a holiday parody song extravaganza. The three took this year's biggest hit songs and made them appropriate for Thanksgiving, Hanukkah, and Christmas. Now I know that parody songs aren't always the best thing in the world– I cringe when I think about once finding Weird Al‘s “Amish Paradise” funny– but, seriously, these ones are amazing.

The whole thing starts off when Rashida and Jimmy realize they're both “up all night to get turkey,” and from there I was sold. The lyrics are hilarious and fit perfectly into the songs. Lorde‘s “Royals” becomes “Dreidels.” “I don't care, I love it” becomes, “I don't care, I stuffed it.” “Blurred lines” are now long lines at Black Friday events. One of the major highlights was Carrie Underwood's sudden appearance singing “Butterball” to the tune of “Wrecking Ball” complete with lip-synching cat. Bonus points for the cat's cute little pilgrim hat. More bonus points for the fact that Carrie can actually sing. No offense Rashida and Jimmy. Your singing is endearing and still far better than mine.

The crew finished off with a Christmas-themed rendition of The Lumineers “Ho Hey” which was just asking to be holiday-ified. This one was really cute and would actually be appropriate for children. Someone get these guys connected with the people at Kidz Bop stat.

All in all it was pretty impressive and I'm totally okay with singing Katy Perry‘s “Roar” as “you're going to hear me snore” from now on. I'm just left with one question: “What rhymes with Furby?”