Jimmy Fallon Has Puppies Predict The World Series In A Video You’ll ‘Aww’ Your Way Through

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Jimmy Fallon Puppies predict World Series 2013

I am the opposite of a sports fan. I have nothing against sports or the people who enjoy it, but my brain is too full of other information to fit anything sports-related. Most of that space is taken up by the names of Brangelina's children and a list of ways to tell the difference between Kendall and Kylie Jenner. There's simply no room to keep track of which teams are playing in the World Series this year. I just watched this video I'm about to talk about telling me who's playing, and I'm already struggling to remember. The fact that I know the World Series is baseball is HUGE for me.

That's why I love the fact that Jimmy Fallon had a World Series segment on Late Night last night that I could actually enjoy separate from any sports knowledge. That segment involved puppies, which is probably the number one way to get me to watch something. Jimmy has four puppies predict who will win the World Series — the Red Sox or the Cardinals — based on which bowl of food they go for first. Same concept as when he did this for the Kentucky Derby.

Before you watch this video I'll just warn you that you'll spend almost its entire duration sighing, “Aww.” If you are for some reason unable to say “Aww” due to being in a quiet environment like a library or a silent office building or a room with someone sleeping, you'll spend the whole video trying to resist the “Awws” making their way to the tip of your tongue. You'll also probably clutch your hand to your chest in a “That's so precious” sort of way. And when Jimmy picks up two of the puppies at the end you'll inexplicably make an exaggerated frownie face for some reason. This is all based on what I myself did while watching this, so it's okay if you don't also sob uncontrollably. That's probably just my thing. But you will very likely press the replay button immediately.