Once You See Jimmy Fallon And Paul McCartney Switch Accents, You Won’t Want Them To Switch Back

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Hey dude, what are you up to this morning? Are you in the mood for some crazy Freaky Friday-style antics involving our favorite late night host and a real live Beatle? That's a very specific craving, and you should probably look into where that comes from, but I think I've got just the video to hit the spot. Paul McCartney stopped by Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, and something quite peculiar happened backstage when he and Jimmy bumped into each other. Did you know that accents are transferable through human contact? Based on this video, they apparently are, which means I'm now wondering if John Krasinski and Emily Blunt talk like each other after every half American/half British kiss.

But we're here to talk about Paul and Jimmy. Clearly they're delightful. Every time I see Paul McCartney acting silly I'm so pleasantly surprised. He's a living legend, and his name holds so much meaning in the entertainment industry it's almost like he isn't a real person, or he's at least the kind of man who would spend his time between performances reigning over the world of music from a throne made of golden guitars. But he's such a good sport. It's like that time Oprah got tipsy with Andy Cohen. Sometimes really famous people have fun too.

But the more important thing we need to take away from this video is that I greatly enjoy hearing Jimmy talk like he's from Liverpool. Paul is less happy about it, probably because American accents simply aren't as fun as British ones. I think that was our consolation prize to the Brits for that time they lost the Revolutionary War. “Okay, so we have our independence and everything now, but turn that frown upside down! We'll let you have the better accent. But maybe sometimes we'll imitate each other for movie roles. And we'll have this lady named Madonna who might borrow your style from time to time. We cool, bro?”