The Best Video You’ll See On The Internet Today: Michelle Obama and Jimmy Fallon Explore The Evolution Of ‘Mom Dancing’

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Jimmy Fallon Mom dancing

Anyone who has a mom or has seen a mom at a wedding reception or is familiar with moms at all is obviously familiar with the phenomenon known as “mom dancing.”  Whether your mom's feet are planted firmly on the floor and her arms are swinging wildly to hits of yesteryear at a family reunion, or if she's step-clapping and snapping along to today's hits at your cousin's bar mitzvah, your mom is clearly “mom dancing.”

While First Lady Michelle Obama is probably one of the coolest moms around, she knows all about the art of the “mom dance.”  So what better way to celebrate this knowledge than by appearing on Late Night With Jimmy Fallon and joining him in “The Evolution of Mom Dancing.”

Feel free to share your favorite move in the comments section.  I'm particularly fond of “Just The Hands Part Of Single Ladies” and “Out of Sync Electric Slide.”