Jimmy Fallon Says Goodbye To Late Night In The Best Possible Way: With The Muppets

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Jimmy Fallon Last Late Night Show With The Muppets 2-7-14

Before I dive into writing this post, I need to go ahead and remove a speck of dust from my eye.  Whew.  Deep breath.  Okay!  I'm better now.  I know it's completely irrational to get emotional about Jimmy Fallon saying goodbye to Late Night With Jimmy Fallon, since he's saying “hello” to The Tonight Show in just a couple of weeks.  I'm not asking for validation here (that's a lie, I'm pretty much always looking for validation), but come on you guys.  He sang one of my favorite songs…with The Muppets.  I dare you to come up with a more perfect way for Jimmy to say goodbye!  I think this performance tops the Sesame Street song.  There, I said it.

I won't spoil the end for you, because I think you should watch the video the entire way through.  But it was such a delightful combination of happy and sad that I couldn't control the moisture welling up in my eyeballs.  Partly because I think Jimmy Fallon is one of the kindest, most talented, most genuine human beings on Earth.  And partly because it's kind of amazing to see someone living their dream, every night, in such a cool way.  I mean, Winnie Fallon is going to have major bragging rights all through school!  Her dad is the coolest!

Here's to the Jay Leno/Conan O'Brien/Jay Leno fiasco being in the past for good, and to Jimmy Fallon's Tonight Show being something our generation's kids stay up late to watch. I, for one, am really looking forward to it.