Watching Jimmy Fallon And Kevin Hart Scream On A Roller Coaster Will Give You A Serious Case Of The Giggles

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Kevin Hart Jimmy Fallon roller coaster June 2014

Is there anything funnier than watching people freak out on roller coasters? Based on the extremely detailed scientific study I just did in my own brain based on my own opinions, the definitive answer is no, there is not. So obviously this video of Jimmy Fallon and Kevin Hart riding the Hollywood Rip Ride Rockit coaster at Universal Studios Orlando for The Tonight Show is quite hilarious. Quite hilarious indeed.

Jimmy says that he loves roller coasters but finds them scary sometimes, while Kevin just flat-out says he doesn't like them at all. So that makes it clear from the start that he'll totally freak out. And he absolutely does, but what's especially entertaining is the fact that Jimmy freaks out just as much if not more than Kevin does. There's screaming and seat-gripping and terrified expressions and wind-swept hair. The hair part is mostly on Jimmy's part, because Kevin doesn't really have much hair there for the wind to work with.

The best part, however, is (SPOILER ALERT — DON'T KEEP READING UNLESS YOU ENJOY HAVING SILLY ROLLER COASTER VIDEOS RUINED FOR YOU, YOU TOTAL MONSTER) the part where a bug flies into Jimmy's face and he gets distracted from the screaming for a bit to swat it out of his face. He tries to tell Kevin about it, but Kevin's a little preoccupied with his terror in that moment, so I don't think he hears him. There's no update on whether or not the bug survived the impact, but it didn't look like the kind of thing it would fly away from in one piece. RIP Mr. Bug. Thanks for the laughs.