Watching Jimmy Fallon And Jon Hamm Photobomb People Will Give You A Happy Attack

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Jimmy Fallon Jon Hamm photobombing video 2014

Jimmy Fallon continues to be the king of getting celebrities to do goofy things for our entertainment — and then uploading the results right away so we can catch up on the hilarity the next morning. Last night he recruited Jon Hamm and Jon Hamm's penis to photobomb tourists on the roof of 30 Rock, AKA the Top of the Rock, without their knowledge. When I say Jon Hamm's penis photobombed the people, I do not mean he showed his penis in the photos. That would be different kind of video entirely. But it's safe to say it was right there with him, and it seems very desperate for fame so I thought I'd throw it a bone(r). I'm very sorry.

This video was designed to make you happy. It's simply too adorable and silly not to love. Jimmy and Jon do everything from casually sticking their heads into the shot to jumping into the air at the perfect time to Lady-and-the-Tramping a hoagie in the background. I coincidentally saw that exact thing happening in a dream I had once, so I can now say that Jimmy Fallon has literally made my dreams come true.

This is a great palate cleanser after watching that creeptastic Jelena dance video earlier this morning, but be warned that you will feel extremely jealous of these people. There are few things more delightful than a photobomb. When it's a celebrity, of course. When it's just some stranger sticking his face into your pleasant family photograph at Disney World, it's obnoxious. When it's Don Draper and the host of The Tonight Show, it's something to check off the top of your bucket list. However, I get a little too much joy out of imagining one of these tourists discovering the photobomb, not recognizing either Jon or Jimmy, and demanding a new photo. That's not included in this video, but I'm going to pretend it happened.