Jimmy Fallon Uses ‘Work’ As An Excuse To Snuggle Up Real Close To Jessica Alba

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Jimmy Fallon Jessica Alba Double Turtleneck Ping Pong

Last night Jimmy Fallon  played a brand new game called Double Turtleneck Ping Pong on Late Night with Jimmy Fallon with Jessica Alba. Or as I like to call it, Let Me Brush Up Against You For 3 Minutes. Sure the game was entertaining to watch, but let's not pretend that's why it happened. Jimmy Fallon clearly needed an excuse to get up close and personal with Jessica Alba. Which is understandable. As a human being with eyes, I can't blame him for wanting to reach out and touch her. I think I would too. Or at the very least, snatch a lock of her hair. Because maybe if I attached her hair to my head, I would also wake up looking like the sun-kissed daughter of Zeus. Or like a deranged person who bought the wrong color clip-in hair color at Claire's. It's really an either/or situation.

And honestly, you gotta give credit to Jimmy Fallon for coming up with this clever ruse. Like him, I've also used “work” as an excuse to do thing. Or more accurately, to not do things.

“I would like, totally love to come to your birthday dinner and pay for your food and drinks while I order a side salad to offset the costs, but unfortch I have to watch that Dance Moms marathon for work. Boooooooo. Hiiissssssss.”

The only downside to this entire thing is that you know American Apparel's design team watched it, loved it, added a thong to it and is already working on turning it into the next big thing.