Video: Jimmy Fallon Reminds Us How Much We Miss TV Theme Songs By Singing This Nostalgic Medley

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Jimmy Fallon is really hitting it out of the park where celebrity guests are involved lately. The other week, he got Emma Watson to teach him some classic dance moves, making for an adorable .gif we can't stop watching. And last night he got the cast from Guys with Kids to join him in a delightful medley of classic TV theme songs that we can now enjoy in video form!

Of course, Jimmy created Guys with Kids and this is a clear attempt to market it to viewers who — like us at Crushable — are underwhelmed by a sitcom modeled off that one scene from What to Expect When You're Expecting. However, it's clear from this video that it's gonna be one of those shows that itself isn't compelling, but at least it's giving work to some talented stars. You'll recognize Jesse Bradford from '00s teen thrillers like Swimfan; Anthony Anderson from bit parts in movies like Scream 4 and of course his series All About the Andersons; and Zach Cregger from The Whitest Kids U'Know.

They all do a fabulous job jumping into this medley of classic themes, from shows like The Golden Girls, Happy Days, Cheers, The Jeffersons, Full House, Friends… the list goes on. And you know what, Jimmy — who wrote and sings the theme for Guys with Kids — makes a really good point! These days we're lucky if a show has a thirty-second instrumental opening sequence; series like Lost and Grey's Anatomy just blink the main titles at us all dramatically. Out of the popular sitcoms I can think of, Two and a Half Men‘s lyrics are only “men men men men, manly men men men…” and How I Met Your Mother is an a capella “buh buh-buh-buh buh buh-buh-buh…” The only sitcom with a song that comes to mind is The Big Bang Theory.

BRB, playing hooky from the office so I can go to the next Jimmy Fallon taping and maybe be part of a YouTube video.

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