Jimmy Fallon Might Replace Jay Leno On The Tonight Show And Make All Our Dreams Come True

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Jimmy Fallon Jay LenoThere is nothing negative I can think of about Jimmy Fallon replacing Jay Leno as host of The Tonight Show in 2014. We first heard whisperings that the change was being planned a few months ago, and now it's becoming closer and closer to a reality.

Sources have been gossiping to the media that NBC is planning to announce Jay Leno's retirement and that Jimmy Fallon is the front-runner to take his place. You're damn right he is! When Jimmy replaced Conan O'Brien at Late Night a few years ago, a lot of people (including me) were uncertain about how he would perform, but he's blown me away in the time since by being hilarious, clever, energetic, and above all, really really nice. I can't say the same about Jay Leno, whose show I used to stay up to watch just for Headlines and Jay Walking until he put together his audition tape for Mean Girls by ripping his old job out of Conan O'Brien's pasty, quirky hands and acting like we all missed him so much.

The rumored move could be due to the success Jimmy Kimmel has had among young viewers in his new 11:35 time slot. Jimmy Fallon is certainly a hip choice to attract the young crowd to NBC in that time slot, what with his Apple laptop and his afro-sporting sidekick Questlove.

Since NBC has been legitimately tanking itself in recent months, this change could be very good for the network.

Hopefully this also means changes could be in store over at CBS. It would certainly be nice to see David Letterman retire and my late-night husband Craig Ferguson take his place. Not only does Letterman creep me out, but Craig's on too late for my Miley Cyrus old lady eyes to keep themselves open past the monologue.

There had better be some clause in the new contract negotiations stating that Jay Leno cannot take his job back and send Jimmy over to Comedy Central or something. (No offense to Comedy Central. It's the home of my other late-night husband Jon Stewart. Don't tell Craig.)

Meanwhile, Jimmy Kimmel sits grinning over at ABC, with no one threatening to dethrone him and celebrity guests milling around him left and right, Matt Damon not included.

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