Jimmy Fallon And Idina Menzel Singing ‘Let It Go’ With Classroom Instruments Is The Only Way To Start Your Day

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Move over Adele Dazeem! There's a new act in town…and it's one that actually exists in places other than John Travolta's mind. It consists of Jimmy FallonIdina Menzel and The Roots. For their debut song, they chose to sing Frozen's “Let It Go” on childhood instruments. While we're all starting to reach our limits of enjoyment for this song, this fresh take on it is just what you need to fall in love with it all over again. No seriously, press play and prepare to obsess over it like you used to back in February…and January…and December.

Now that I think about it, it's hard to remember a time when I wasn't listening to this song on a daily basis. Did we exist before Frozen? Is summer a real thing or was it a dream I had? Does the word bikini and the word sun sound made-up to anyone else? Think about that while you listen to this brilliant rendition of the song.

And now that you're done with that, please do me a favor and go tell Elsa that she's turned the entire Northeast into a frozen tundra. And that it's nowhere as pretty as it was in the movie. Also there aren't any charming reindeer hanging around, waiting to take me to where I need to go. Sooo yeah, I'm done with this whole eternal winter thing. However if you need me or if you do manage to get word to Elsa, I'll be in my bed listening to this on repeat.

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