This Harry Potter Rap Is So Catchy That Even Voldemort Would Love It

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Harry Potter Daniel Radcliffe Clapping

In honor of The Tonight Show's trip to Orlando, Florida, home of The Wizarding World of Harry PotterThe Roots performed what can only be described as the greatest HP-themed rap of all time. I don't mean to discourage all of you internet-dwellers out there who worked hard at mastering your own sick wizard rhymes, but just know that these guys crushed it way harder.

So hard, in fact, that Voldemort, himself, would love it to pieces. And his whole deal is that he can't love. But he'd totally find himself singing along in his morning shower as he planned his next Horcrux. His cold, dying heart would fill with glee as he beat-boxed the tune in his head while on his way to destroy the Boy Who Lived. And he'd just chuckle happily at the thought of how smoothly rhyming Dumbledore, Voldemort, and rumble more rolls off the tongue. Just to give you an idea of how catchy it is.

Basically, get ready to witness the most crafty use of Harry Potter trivia knowledge in recorded history. Well, okay, A Very Potter Musical is still pretty awesome. But all I'm saying is that, when Jimmy Fallon wells up with pride and stands his adorable butt up to give them a standing O, your heart will be doing the same. And maybe your body will too, which totally won't look weird to those around you watching you applaud your computer, don't worry.

(GIF: Tumblr)