Celebrate Father’s Day Early By Watching Jimmy Fallon Do The Evolution Of Dad Dancing

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Jimmy Fallon Chris Christie evolution of dad dancing June 2014


Leave it to Jimmy Fallon to remind us all how embarrassing dads are just before Father's Day weekend. Last night he recruited New Jersey Governor Chris Christie to assist him in demonstrating the Evolution of Dad Dancing. They got it just embarrassing enough to be accurate, right down the polo shirts tucked into belted khakis. If they had just added a phone holster to the look, it would have been perfect.

In case you didn't know, Jimmy Fallon really likes to do these evolution of dance segments, and it dates back all the way to the first dad dancing version back in 2012. Since then he's covered mom dancing, end zone dancing, and hip-hop dancing, and he likes to get special guests to do it with him. And if there's one thing Jimmy likes just as much if not more than evolution of dancing segments, it's getting politicians to let loose and act funny. Chris Christie is no different. He shakes that tail feather with zero shame. Of course there are a couple of political jokes in there, as is to be expected. I'm sure dads everywhere will look up from their newspapers and give a hearty laugh.

This time around the dad dancing is a little more special, though, because Jimmy actually is a dad now. In case you've been living in an alternate universe where the government has banned all things cute, Jimmy has a baby daughter named Winnie with whom he sometimes dresses in matching suits. I'm not sure he's reached the “Passionate Elliptical” stage of fatherhood yet, but if he sticks around on The Tonight Show as long as Jay Leno did, we might get to see that happen. Oh my God, you guys, what if in ten years Jimmy goes full dad and sports an actual for real mustache? Is this video a glimpse into the future?