Watching Jimmy Fallon Talk About His Baby Will Make You Smile, Maybe Also Want To Make Your Own Baby

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Hope you're in the mood to do some lite squeeing this morning ladies. Because this incredibly adorable monologue that Jimmy Fallon gave when he returned to Late Night with Jimmy Fallon will 100% make you smile, squee and then search for someone to make you our very own little Squee Jr. As you probably remember from reading this site diligently yesterday, Jimmy Fallon and his wife Nancy Juvonen welcomed a little girl into the world mere hours after Kate Middleton birthed Prince Simba George.

While I congratulated the couple aloud, I selfishly worried that Jimmy would be MIA from TV for a few weeks. Whatever would I watch in the early morning if he wasn't around? Jay Leno? Blech! Luckily for us, he returned to host Late Night one day after his wife gave birth to announce that he's officially a dada and that his daughter's name is Winnie Rose Fallon. Since he's almost as nostalgic as kids born in the early '90s, I would assume that Winnie is from Winnie Cooper of The Wonder Years and that Rose is from Rose…Rose Dawson of Titanic. But he's welcome to correct me personally (and in person) if I'm wrong about any of that.

Even though watching his monologue about little Winnie could send your ovaries into overdrive, it's so worth it to see the huge smile on his face when he talks about her. He's just so darn happy to have a baby. Oh and do note that he's still wearing his hospital bracelet. Which just makes the whole thing even more adorable.  Also would anyone like to have a baby with me?

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