Jim Parsons Gets Stuck With ‘Tonkerbell’ + 4 More SNL Sketches That Made Us Laugh This Week

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After a month-long hiatus due to the Olympics, SNL returned last night with Jim Parsons as host.  Last night also marks the first show without former head writer and Weekend Update co-anchor, Seth Meyers, and I have to say…the show seemed to struggle creatively without him.  I didn't anticipate that, which was admittedly naive of me.  Each sketch last night was filled with “almost-but-not-quite” moments; most started off strong and then ended up falling flat by the end.

But that doesn't mean there weren't some great little moments in there!  Jim Parsons was a pretty solid host, for one thing.  I thought for sure there would be some sort of Sheldon Cooper/Big Bang sketch, and I'm actually pretty relieved that didn't happen.  Here are some of best moments from last night:

1. Opening Monologue

I'm sorry, but Bobby Moynihan has the ability to make everything funny.  I was pleasantly smiling along through the opening number until I saw him come out as George Costanza.  Kate McKinnon‘s gun-toting Angela Lansbury made me realize I will never again associate actors and their characters as one in the same.


2. Jebediah Atkinson Reviews The Best Picture Nominees

Knowing the first show sans Seth would probably be a doozy, especially during Weekend Update when they introduced the new co-anchor/head writer Colin Jost (did anyone else assume Cecily Strong was going to fly solo for Update? That's the impression I was under. Had no idea there was going to be a new guy.), it was probably smart to use an old Update favorite: Jebediah Atkinson.  His Woody Allen joke didn't make me “get my bitch on” at all.. well done.


3. 12 Years A Slave Auditions

I pretty much love anything that makes white people uncomfortable (yes, I know I'm white), so this was amazing. Oh, and Mike O'Brien‘s face when Shasheer Zamata hands him a whip to audition with?  Priceless.  (Sidenote: he and Cecily Strong are dating in real life, you guys! I stepped up my Instagram creeping game this weekend and found that out. Cutessss.)


4. Cold Open: Ellen and Johnny Weir

Okay, so this Ellen sketch fell totally flat.  The fault was in the writing, though, and not Kate McKinnon's performance.  I also never realized how much Jim Parsons does resemble a tall, string bean-like Johnny Weir!  Great idea for a sketch in theory, mediocre-at-best execution.  I feel like there were so many different things they could have done here.


5. Dance Floor Killer

Another sketch that started off with a solid chuckle, and then jumped the shark before it was over.  Two things that made it place on this list?  Jim Parsons' perrrfecccttttt “I drive a white panel van to drive around dead bodies” look, and Kate McKinnon's Soul Train dancing.

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