Jim Carrey Continues The Trend Of Awesome Celebrity Commencement Speeches

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Jim Carrey Continues The Trend Of Awesome Celebrity Commencement Speeches Jim Carrey commencement speech Maharishi University May 2014 jpg

What’s with all these celebrities being inspiring and cool these days? This weekend Bill Murray was doling out life advice at a random bachelor party, and we just keep hearing about all these lovely commencement speeches at graduations. Sandra Bullock’s was funny and touching, and now we can add Jim Carrey to the list. He spoke to the 2014 graduates of Iowa’s Maharishi University of Management on Saturday and had some wise words to share, which you can watch below.

Jim spoke about following your dreams and trying to do what you love, and yadda yadda yadda that’s what all commencement addresses are about, right? But Jim really drove his point home by telling the crowd about his late father, who wanted to be a comedian but didn’t believe he could achieve it. So he took a job as an accountant which he ended up losing. Jim concludes that “you can fail at what you don’t want, so you might as well take a chance on doing what you love.” He explains that he’s proof “you can ask the universe” for what you really want instead of being influenced by fear.

I’m a sucker for funny people showing their serious, thoughtful sides, and Jim Carrey’s certainly done that onscreen, but it’s especially nice when he shows it in everyday life. And any time anyone speaks fondly about their parents and what they learned from them, I get a little (okay more than a little) misty-eyed. So I really like this speech. I also like that he’s wearing that vibrant cap and gown. Color makes everything better. Now can he maybe start some kind of podcast where he just makes inspiring speeches for an hour or two every day?